How To Make Money With Sponsored Posts On Your Blog

Earlier in the series about how bloggers can bring in an extra $5,000 per month with their blogs, we discussed affiliate marketing. Today, we are talking about sponsored posts.

To keep it simple, a sponsored post is a post that a company pays you to create, usually using one of their products.

Sponsored posts can be paid in several ways. You can either be paid with free products, free services, free experiences, cold hard cash, or any combination of the above.

Sponsored Posts – Payment in Product

These are the easiest to get when you are just starting your blog as you don’t typically have to have as many views. It’s a cool opportunity to try out a new product and create a blog post centered around it. You don’t necessarily have to create it as a “review” post, as long as you can tie the product into the post somehow.

Payment in Services

Maybe a new oil change company or maid service is trying to get new customers so they reach out to you and offer a sponsored post where they pay you in free services. Not too bad of a deal, but not as tangible as cash or products.

Free Experiences with Sponsored Posts

This would be the ideal income source for a travel blog. Sponsored posts for travel bloggers would be an experience where the company can pay with a hotel stay or airfare in exchange for creating a blog post about their airline or hotel chain or destination.

Big Time Bloggers Get Paid Cash for Sponsored Posts

Once you have a bigger following and tens of thousands or more page views each month, you can leverage that and get paid cash for sponsored posts. That’s how you know you’ve made it to the big time bloggers club. You can still get free products, services, or experiences along with the cash too.

The next post in my series about how to make money blogging will cover ads!

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