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3 Easy Teacher Side Hustle Ideas

These three teacher side hustle ideas I am going to share in this post are easy, will not take up too much free time, and pay well.

First things first, y’all. Teachers provide more than just an education. They listen, mentor, motivate, inspire, and empower in addition to their official job duties. School-aged children spend a third of their day in classrooms.

Yes, teachers get summers, holidays, and spring breaks off for school, but a good chunk of that time is spent planning, attending professional development seminars, or even taking college courses to get their master’s degree (for a whopping $1,500 salary pay bump and more student loan debt that will just offset it).

For all the many things teachers do for students, you’d think that they would be paid well, right? Unfortunately, in most of the United States, you would be wrong. Besides working summer school, coaching, and getting an advanced degree; there are not a whole lot of ways for teachers to make extra cash within their district.

So, teacher side hustles to the rescue!

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers, or TpT as it often referred to, is an amazing website that I’m sure every teacher on the planet has used at least once. If you have not heard of it, Teachers Pay Teachers is like Etsy or Amazon for educators. Full to the brim with various educational resources, such as power points, lesson plans, templates, worksheets, and much, much more.

Most teachers make their own resources on some level. Maybe the worksheets that come available with your textbook do not cover the material in depth enough. Maybe you make incredible, engaging PowerPoint presentations that do not leave the students dozing off in their desks. Maybe you make snazzy worksheets that reinforce the lesson in a fun way.  Whatever your teaching strength is, I am positive that there is a way to use it to your advantage on Teachers Pay Teachers.

This is probably the easiest teacher side hustle to start because it is passive. You already have the resources made. All you have to do is post them and wait for the sales to start coming in.

This is a free side hustle for teachers to start. And the best part is, Teachers Pay Teachers practically sells it for you.  Chances are that a teacher out there is looking for a resource just like yours!  As much as I love following all those teacher Instagram’s; for a purely passive side hustle, just let the platform do the marketing for you.


This teacher side hustle is not passive like Teachers Pay Teachers, but it can be more lucrative more quickly. Anybody can teach on OutSchool, but active, certified teachers tend to stand out more among parents. All you really need to get started is a laptop with a webcam and an idea for a class.

Basically, OutSchool offers online classes for kids aged 3-18 over Zoom. You oversee pretty much everything. You set the rates, the format of the class, the number of students allowed in each class, the frequency and duration of the classes. Then you show up online and teach and get paid 70% of what you charge.

There is also the option to offer private, 1 to 1 tutoring on the platform.  There is also a more passive option where you prerecord the lessons, and the students follow those for the class.

You can teach a class on what you teach in the classroom or try teaching a different topic entirely. You can even create a social club. I have seen a few weekly Among Us clubs offered on there, I have seen Princess Dance classes, I have seen art classes.  There is even a cool feature where you can see what parents are looking for as far as topics their children are interested in!

My first week on Outschool, I taught for 9 hours and I was paid $164. Not too shabby for a few hours a week. There are people on there that teach all day long and make a killing.

This would be a great way for teachers to make some extra money in the summer.  And sure, you could do something like VIPKid, but there isn’t a crazy time difference so you can be in control of your schedule and when you offer classes!


This teacher side hustle is for the crafty teachers who have a super cute classroom. If you make decorations for your classroom, sell them on Etsy!

I have a Cricut Maker machine and I create a lot of my own SVG files for my projects. So, I started selling some on Etsy and I have made a few extra bucks here and there.

Are you a teacher with a side hustle? Do you have any questions about any of the side hustles mentioned in the post? Feel free to share in the comment section.

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