Hey there! I’m Elizabeth Johnson, blogger behind This Feisty Life.

Welcome to the blog.

About Me

I live in Northwest Florida with my husband Phillip. My husband and I had quite the whirlwind romance. We got married a few months before we’d even known each other a full year, but it was the best decision either of us had ever made. To use some Grey’s Anatomy lingo, he’s my person.

I’ve lived all over the south. Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and now Florida. So I definitely have a little southern twang here and there. If I ever do a podcast, you’ll hear it come out.

About The Blog

This Feisty Life has been reincarnated a few times. I first started it in 2016 and didn’t really do much beyond a post or two here and there until 2017 then kept it up for about a year. 2019 rolled in and the blog became stagnant. Eventually after several months of it essentially collecting dust, I decided to quit paying for the hosting service I was using at the time. So bye-bye blog.

And now here we are, in March 2020, and the blog is back and here to stay! I have finally found a purpose and passion for life and the blog. I have so many great ideas for this blog to grow and thrive. I can’t wait for you to find out what’s in store!