5 Wardrobe Essentials That Won’t Break The Bank

There are five wardrobe staples that I think every woman needs to have in her closet.  My husband Phillip swears that I didn’t have even half the clothes I have now before we got married.  I guess that’s man for “holy cow you’ve got too many clothes”.   As women, we tend to have an outfit for every possible occasion, am I right?! Even occasions that will more than likely never happen. 

I know I’ve got a cropped, studded leather jacket hanging up in the closet begging to be worn to a rock and roll concert.  I will probably never go to a rock and roll concert, but it was on MEGA sale! The PERFECT leather jacket that’s normally $200 was snatched up for a nice $22 by yours truly.  The same perfect leather jacket that has been hanging in the closet longer than my wedding dress, untouched and unworn.

Versatility is key.  Without it, you’ll end up with more than just a lonely, unworn leather jacket taking up space in your closet.  I think with the following five staples, you’ll be covered for just about any occasion, except maybe a rock and roll concert!

  1. A black blazer
  2. A dress that makes you feel confident
  3. A pair of professional pants
  4. Blue jeans that fit you JUST right
  5. Shoes that go with EVERY outfit

Black Blazer

A black blazer can dress up a casual outfit, make you look more professional (think job interviews), and keep you warm.  When I’m substituting, I like to wear a black blazer over a fun yet professional short sleeve shirt.  It really brings the whole look together.

Amazon has several to choose from to fit your budget.

A Dress That Makes You Feel Confident

Every woman should have at least one dress that makes her feel sexy and beautiful.  For me, that is my off the shoulder, red lace swing dress.  It flares out perfectly at the top of the waist so you can’t see my stomach that I’m self-conscious about.  Plus, the way my husband can’t keep his hands off of me is a plus!

You may feel confident in a maxi dress, a mini dress (you go girl! I’m too afraid of ripping right through it), an extravagant ball gown (Pretty Woman red dress, anyone?). Whatever you feel the most confident in, keep it in your closet and buy it in every color you can! I think this is the most important of the five wardrobe staples.

Professional Pants

You never know when you might land that interview for the dream job you’ve been pining for! You can’t exactly show up to an interview in blue jeans unless it’s like a chill start up kind of job maybe? Just throw on a nice short sleeve shirt and your black blazer and boom! Interview ready! My favorite are a pair of black Old Navy Pixie pants.

I try to always either use Super Cash or buy stuff from Old Navy during their 30% off sale to save money.

Blue Jeans That Fit JUST Right

Travel back in time with me for a second to the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where each of the four friends try on the same pair of blue jeans and they fit each girl’s unique body type PERFECTLY.  Isn’t it magical when you find THE pair of jeans that fits your butt, your legs, and your waist perfectly?! Definitely one of the best wardrobe staples to find. I’m still searching for the perfect pair, but I’ve gotten close with Target’s Universal Threads line of jeans!

Shoes That Go With EVERY Outfit

Last but not least, every woman needs to have a pair of shoes that works with every outfit in her wardrobe.  It could be the perfect heels that go with every outfit from supermarket shopping to dominating the court room to walking the runway.  Or maybe you’re a flats kinda girl and you found the perfect flats, better than Toms, to go with every outfit.  Me? I’m more of a boots fan.  I have the perfect pair of black suede ankle booties with a chunky heel that go with every outfit.

I got them on sale at Nordstrom Rack a few years ago and wear them with practically every outfit.

What are some of your must-have wardrobe staples? What are your tips for saving money on wardrobe staples?

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  1. These are great staples to have. I have yet to find a black blazer that I love and it’s really killing the mood of my closet. You never realize how much you need something when you don’t have it, huh. My wardrobe staples are a pair of nice leggings, dress pants, a sweater that can pass as comfy and dressy, and a good denim jacket.

    1. Thanks for commenting!

      I found my black blazer at a thrift store actually! Thrift stores are awesome for hidden gems. Oh yes definitely a sweater than can pass as comfy and dressy is a must as well! I think good denim jackets are so hard to find.

    1. I like the way you put it –being strategic–, what are some of your fave items in your wardrobe? Is there anything you can wear with any outfit? You might be being strategic without realizing it