CONFIDENCE + Introducing…. The Feisty Friday Series

CONFIDENCE + Introducing…. The Feisty Friday Series

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Hi everybody! This is my first post in a new series, my Feisty Friday series.

We’re going to start the series with off with a bang. I’m about to throw a major truth bomb at Y’all so get ready. For years, I have struggled with confidence.

I always felt out of place growing up with a gorgeous older sister. She had so much confidence that I felt I lacked. I still do at times, but one of the many great things about my sister, is that she always tries to lift up others.  She NEVER let me say that I was ugly or anything mean about myself, she would always tell me that I was beautiful.  I may not have agreed with her, but we are always our own toughest critics.

So what changed?

Oddly enough, gaining thirty pounds over a highly stressful six months and moving to Florida have made me more confident and accepting of myself.  You’d think it would be the opposite, but nope.  While I do feel like a fat whale at times, and realize I need to lose the excess weight that I’ve gained, I don’t obsess over my appearance or my weight.  It’s such a healthier mindset to think “Well it took six months to gain the weight, it’ll take at least six months to lose it too”, instead of, “Oh my god, I’m so fat, I need to do x, y, z to lose x amount of pounds in x amount of days PRONTO.”

A Few Lessons I’ve Learned About Confidence

Be The BEST Version Of Yourself

Everybody wants to be perfect, but nothing in life is perfect. Striving for some preconceived notion of perfection can and will wear you down.  You shouldn’t try to fit somebody else’s expectations of you.  Be the BEST version of yourself. Only you can decide what that means.


It’s Okay To Stand Out

So what if you’re not like everybody else?! Who wants to be normal anyways? Normal is boring. Be extraordinary.  Be eccentric. Most importantly, BE YOURSELF. If you like to speak in a French accent while you cook, go for it! Just me? Oui, oui, hon hon hon.


Healthy = Happy

Happiness goes hand in hand with confidence.  One of the biggest ways to set yourself up for both is being in good health! Getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating the right foods and the right amount of foods, and getting some sort of exercise.  All of those play a part in your day to day happiness and stress level.


So, these are just a few lessons I’ve learned over time that I want to share with you. To quote The Help, “you is kind, you is smart, you is important.” Try and come up with a mantra and write it somewhere you see it every day, say it to yourself. Heck, shout it from the rooftops in Italian if you want!


What is something you are insecure about? How do you choose to uplift others? Tell me about your favorite compliment that you’ve received. What do you think is your best feature? If you have an idea for another Feisty Friday post, let me know in the comments below!



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