Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

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Since my birthday is coming up on Friday, I decided to make this week’s motivational Monday post about birthday wishes.

Whenever I think of birthday wishes, I think of the Cinderella song “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”.  I really think that Disney was onto something there.  It is so important to have dreams and wishes, no matter what age you are.

As a kid, my birthday wishes were always for a puppy or a new toy.  I never did get that puppy, but I usually got the toys.  The toys I so desperately wished for eventually ended up in the closet, replaced by a newer toy and forgotten.  As I’ve gotten older, my birthday wishes have become more meaningful and not as easily forgotten.

This year, my birthday wish is not for me, it is for some of my family members.  My papaw, my paternal grandfather, and my nanny, my maternal grandmother, are both in terrible health at the moment.  We think that my nanny will not live much longer. As for my papaw, he has a great chance of recovering from his fall back in October but he is not willing to put in the effort necessary to do so.  Part of my wish is that my nanny knows that she is loved by all and that when she passes, which hopefully won’t be anytime soon, it will be peaceful. The other part of my wish is for my papaw to gain the motivation to recover and have some semblance of independence left.

If you had to choose somebody or something to use your birthday wish for, who or what would you choose? Are there any struggles people in your life may be facing?  How have your birthday wishes changed over the years? Did you ever wish for a puppy and actually get it? Let me know in the comments below.

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