Birthday Bucket List: Facing Fears and Chasing Dreams

Birthday Bucket List: Facing Fears and Chasing Dreams

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I repeat, it is almost my birthday! As in I will be turning twenty-three in a few days from now! What?!?! Seriously insane how fast time flies as you get older. I barely feel like I’m 21 and now I’m turning 23?!

Rawrrr! That was me channeling my inner Leo. Do you ever read those descriptions of the different zodiac signs and think to yourself, “That is so me!”? I definitely have several of the traits that Leos are said to have. Stubborn, check. Likes being the center of attention, yep. Loyal to a fault, you got it. Dramatic, … maybe, does being hangry count?

Chocolate Cake For Days

I’ve already celebrated my birthday with all of my mom’s side of the family in Florida a couple of weeks ago. We had a triple birthday party for me, my uncle, and my aunt. We’re the trio of August babies in the family. It was a lot of fun. Sam’s Club makes a seriously good chocolate cake. Like the fat kid in Matilda would approve of it good!

Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want

I never really want anything for my birthday, and I definitely don’t really need anything either. I’ve got more clothes and shoes than I know what to do with. I still got a few gifts. My birthday present to myself this year was a new ice cream maker. The kind made for the I-want-ice-cream-and-I-want-it-NOW people aka me! There’s nothing wrong with the one I already have except for the fact that you have to freeze the bowl for a full 24-48 hours before you use it. And you can only make one batch at a time. And did I mention that you have to wait for two days to use it??? Well, this new one is one of those snazzy ones that can, wait for it, FREEZE ITSELF! At last, I can make as much homemade ice cream as I want. I better join a gym y’all!

Anyways, excuse my ice cream melt-down… since I don’t need or want anything for my birthday, I decided to make myself a birthday bucket list. There have been things I have always wanted to do and I am determined to get them done before my 24th birthday!

Birthday Bucket List
  1. Swim with dolphins. I go to visit family in Florida every summer and I somehow have never swum with the dolphins.
  2. Renew my passion for writing fiction. I used to always write short stories… and then never finish any of them. I will write a short novel by the time I turn 24 next year. It doesn’t have to be any good, but dang it, I will write it!
  3. Start reading more. I want to have read at least 20 books a year from now.
  4. Go to a haunted house in October. The only way to stop being such a chicken is to face my fear.


Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to do but for some reason or another never did? What’s on your birthday bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

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