Back To School Shopping

Back To School Shopping

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Back to School Shopping

Confession time….. Back to school shopping is like my favorite thing ever! You know how new cars have a certain smell? I believe that shopping for school supplies smells better than a new car smell! Totally weird, I know, but I can’t explain it. There’s just something special about new school supplies.

So you may be wondering how on earth back to school shopping can be tied into a motivational Monday post.  Well, that’s easy! So many students can’t afford school lunch, let alone new school supplies.  So with this post, I want to try to motivate you to do something about that.  

First, go through all of your cabinets and drawers and see how many pens and pencils you can find.  Probably more than you expected, right? I know I must have at least 10 hanging out around my room. How many still have a lot of ink or lead left? Quite a bit, I would assume.

Unless you have a significant connection with these pens and pencils, which would be weird, you could easily donate them to a local school.  I mean you’re going to buy new school supplies anyways, why not donate your old extras?

Out with the old, and in with the new!

So now that you’ve donated all your old extras to a good cause, you can get new school supplies! Here are my top 3 must-have items for a successful semester!

  1.  A laser printer will change your life!
  2. Durable folders are a must.
  3. A binder that’s actually easy to open and add papers to?! Yes it does exist!
HP Laserjet Printer Printing out powerpoints to take notes would take a lot of ink in a regular printer, but not with a laser printer like this! Toner lasts WAY longer than ink.

Mead Five Star Stay Put Folders These are the most durable folders I’ve found! And they come in so many pretty colors.

Avery Binder with EZD Rings I’m not sure why the slanted rings are so much easier and more durable than the regular rings, but this binder will last years!

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